101 Banks and Servicers are now participating in Keep Your Home California. Learn more about how these 4 programs can help:

1) Catch up your late mortgage payments;
2) Pay your mortgage while you’re unemployed;
3) Have your principal reduced;
4) Receive money to help with your transition out of your home:


Keep Your Home California

Keep Your Home California has reached the century mark, well, actually, the 101 mark.ID-10075420

Keep Your Home California now has 101 mortgage servicers participating in the federally funded, state-run program.

The big-name banks – Bank of America, Chase Home Finance, CitiMortgage, GMAC and Wells Fargo – are on board. So are many midsize and small banks as well as credit unions. These mortgage servicers handle more than 90% of the mortgages in the state.

The participation of servicers – the companies that handle your mortgage – is critical to helping homeowners with their payments and to the success of the $2 billion Keep Your Home California program. Basically, we need all servicers to participate in the program, since they have to be participating so we can help homeowners with their mortgages. (You can check the complete list of servicers at www.KeepYourHomeCalifornia.org/participating.htm.)

Keep Your Home California has four programs –…

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