13 Resources For Your San Francisco Nonprofit Job Search

Having just finished a mostly nonprofit job search in the San Francisco Bay Area, I want to pay it forward and share a list of the many email lists and resources that were suggested to me by friends and colleagues or that I stumbled across in my search.

These are mostly focused on the nonprofit world, but a few for profit resources are included too.

Also, one quick suggestion: you may want to start a new email account just for your job search.  It makes it easier to not clog up your personal email account and when you’re dedicating time to a job search, also easier if you have an email account that’s only receiving new job emails.

  1. CalNonprofits Job Board (full disclosure: I used to work here). Good resource of nonprofit jobs around the state, and as new ones are posted, you’ll see them on Twitter at #CalNonprofitJobs.
  2. Glassdoor.com: Deciding between for profit, nonprofit, or government work?  They all have jobs on Glassdoor.  And, if you’re getting further along in the interview process, you may even get to see reviews from current/past employees about the company (though you only get a few “free” views- then the website requires you to share a review about a previous employer).  It can be a little annoying to look at a job and then get a follow-up email an hour later asking why you haven’t applied for it yet, but I guess this is “encouragement”?  🙂
  3. Work for Good (used to be Opportunity Knocks): Strictly nonprofit jobs.
  4. Idealist: Nonprofit jobs, nice ability to customize what sort of jobs you get in your daily email.
  5.  LinkedIn: If there’s particular orgs/companies you’re interested in, see if that company is on LinkedIn, check out the jobs they have listed on LinkedIn (though make sure they’re current), and I believe there’s a functionality where you can let that company know that you’re interested in jobs with them.  Also, every time you log-in to LinkedIn, you’ll get a notification (sort of like Facebook) about new opportunities that either match a job search you’ve set up, or if companies you follow have posted new jobs.
  6. craigslist: You can set up alerts to get jobs that match your criteria, like “Communications Director” in San Francisco.
  7. Nonprofit Remote: This handy site lists nonprofit opportunities (jobs) that you can do remotely.
  8. Kimble Group: A search firm.  I like the clean layout of their emails.
  9. Democratic Gain: Looking for more political/advocacy type jobs?  Sign up for this email.
  10. Amanda Ussak Job List. Not sure how I came across this, but lots of roles (including international NGOs).  You can see past issues to get an idea about it and sign up at the bottom of the issue.
  11. David Careers: Also not sure where I found this, and their email formatting could be improved, but also a good option.
  12. Social Enterprise Jobs: A fair number of these job openings aren’t in the Bay Area (they’re international), but some Bay Area jobs.
  13. The Bridgespan Group.  Nicely formatted emails!  Other recruiting firms should take note.

And, also a few temporary firms to check out to keep the $ coming in:

  1. Robert Half International:  While I didn’t get any postings through them, I was very impressed with the person I spoke to for my initial intake (over the phone).
  2. McCall Staffing: I worked for them when I first moved to the Bay Area.

I’m likely missing a few- feel free to leave a comment if you have one you’d suggest I add to the list!


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