Will you be the next success story? Over 600 homeowners in Santa Clara County have already benefited from Keep Your Home California. (Conserva Tu Casa) The Unemployment Mortgage Assistance Program gives you breathing room by paying your mortgage for up to 9 months if you are receiving unemployment. Contact Keep Your Home California (888-954-5337) to learn more.

Keep Your Home California

Keep Your Home California has helped almost 25,000 hard-hit families, from out-of-work homeowners to those who are in need of principal reduction and lower monthly payments.

The state-run program recently launched a new website (link to www.KeepYourHomeCalifornia.org), with several real homeowner success stories featured on the homepage. Click on their photos and you will learn more about Abigail, Curtis, David, Wayne and a few other real homeowners and their situations.Image

They are just like many of the thousands of other Californians who call the counseling center every day, worried about their homes and looking for a solution. Perhaps they are like you.

Keep Your Home California appreciates these homeowners and their willingness to share their experiences, something that is not easy for many. But these individuals understand the need to educate and encourage more homeowners to apply for the $2 billion program – and help save their homes.


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