Hampton Bay Fans from Home Depot: A Cautionary Tale Against Buying Them

Does your home have ceiling fans?  They can be a great, cost-effective way to cool your house, but as I’ve discovered, getting the wrong brand of ceiling fans (in this case, the Hampton Bay brand offered at Home Depot) can … Continue reading

HAMP Program Is Extended Until 2015: What does this mean for homeowners in San Jose and Sunnyvale California?

The Obama Administration announced today that the HAMP program has been extended until 2015.  This is an important development because the program was set to expire at the end of 2013.  ForeclosureHelp and our seven partners had signed a letter … Continue reading

La Declaración de Derechos para los Propietarios de California

Esta explicación de la Declaración de Derechos para los Propietarios fue preparada por: El Proyecto Legal de Viviendas Justas. La Declaración de Derechos para los Propietarios de California by El Proyecto Legal de Viviendas Justas. is licensed under a Creative … Continue reading

How does the California Homeowner Bill of Rights Help You?

Did you hear the recent news about a homeowner in West Sacramento effectively using the new California Homeowner Bill of Rights to stop foreclosure on his home?  You can read about it in the Sacramento Bee: “West Sacramento homeowner uses … Continue reading

Homeowners Say Customer Service is Still a Problem when They Contact Their Bank or Servicer

Lost documents, robo-signing, getting different messages from different bank departments, broken verbal promises for modifications, loan servicing being transferred, and unexplained modification denials- are these all things of the past with settlements like the Independent Foreclosure Review, Attorney General Settlement, … Continue reading

New Analysis of 2009-2011 Census Data: For Wealthiest 7%, Assets Increased 28%, but for Remaining 93%, Assets Decreased 4%

By Sean Coffey, MPA, Program Manager at ForeclosureHelp A new analysis of Census Data by the Pew Research Center reveals that the wealth gap in the United States continues to grow, and that the “economic recovery” is mostly benefiting wealthy … Continue reading

Foreclosure Help’s Update on the Independent Foreclosure Review, Debt Collectors, Making Home Affordable, Hispanic Homeownership,and “Zombie Foreclosures”

1) UPDATE: DEADLINE EXTENDED TO APRIL 26th, more information here. Today is the final day for homeowners to mail their registration forms for the Lending Discrimination Settlement between the Department of Justice and Countrywide Financial Corporation.  Borrowers must mail their … Continue reading

Sáu điều tôi mong muốn tôi có thể thực hiện khác nhau: Làm thế nào để Tránh Tịch thu nhà ở San Jose và ở Sunnyvale

(English Version: Six Things I wish I would have done differently: How to Avoid Foreclosure in San Jose and Sunnyvale) Thật không may, một số chủ nhà gọi Trợ giúp Tịch thu nhà đã bị mất nhà của họ là bị … Continue reading