The Foreclosure Help Consortium, in collaboration with Bank of America, the City of San Jose, and the City of Sunnyvale, is holding a series of special foreclosure prevention sessions on September 26, September 27 and October 2. These sessions will … Continue reading

Cash Payments for Independent Foreclosure Review Will Begin Being Mailed April 12, Senate Banking Committee Will Hold Hearing about the Independent Foreclosure Reviews

Editor’s note: Foreclosure Help is a program funded by the city of San Jose through a HUD Community Development Block Grant and the city of Sunnyvale, and we can directly assist homeowners  and tenants in San Jose and Sunnyvale who … Continue reading

New Details on Independent Foreclosure Review: What Banks Are Included, What banks are not

More details are emerging about the replacement of the Independent Foreclosure Review, and we will continue to update as more information is released from the Federal Reserve and the Office of the Comptroller Currency.    We suspect that it will be … Continue reading

New Announcement About Uncashed Checks for Independent Foreclosure Review

Just the messenger folks, contact Rust Consulting for more information: Joint Press Release Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System Office of the Comptroller of the Currency For release at 1:00 p.m. EDT February 18, 2015 Agencies Announce Reissuance … Continue reading

ForeclosureHelp Update: CitiGroup and Wells Pause Foreclosures; MN Passes Homeowner Bill of Rights; NY AG Updates Complaint Against BOA and Wells for Violating AG Settlement

It has been a busy week for developments related to the ongoing foreclosure crisis. On May 17th, American Banker broke the news (“Wells, Citi Halt Most Foreclosure Sales as OCC Ratchets Up Scrutiny”)  that Wells Fargo and Citigroup were halting … Continue reading

Foreclosure Help’s Update on the Independent Foreclosure Review, Debt Collectors, Making Home Affordable, Hispanic Homeownership,and “Zombie Foreclosures”

1) UPDATE: DEADLINE EXTENDED TO APRIL 26th, more information here. Today is the final day for homeowners to mail their registration forms for the Lending Discrimination Settlement between the Department of Justice and Countrywide Financial Corporation.  Borrowers must mail their … Continue reading

Revisión Independiente del Embargo de Vivienda: Actualización en los $3.6 Billones de Pago en Efectivo y $5.7 Billones en Asistencia de Modificación.

(English Version: Independent Foreclosure Review: Update on $3.6 Billion in Cash Payments and $5.7 Billion in Modification Assistance.  Vietnamese Version: Các chiến lược cho việc tìm kiếm xét Tịch thu nhà độc lập: Cập nhật trên $3.6 tỷ USD trong thanh toán bằng … Continue reading

Các chiến lược cho việc tìm kiếm xét Tịch thu nhà độc lập: Cập nhật trên $3.6 tỷ USD trong thanh toán bằng tiền mặt và $5.7 tỷ USD vào việc sửa đổi trợ giúp.

(English version: “Independent Foreclosure Review: Update on $3.6 Billion in Cash Payments and $5.7 Billion in Modification Assistance”) Biên tập viên lưu ý: (Foreclosure Help)Trợ giúp Tịch thu nhà là một chương trình được tài trợ bởi thành phố San Jose … Continue reading

Event Focuses on Stabilizing Homeownership after Foreclosures in California

Editor’s note: This is post #2 in a two-part series. (Read Post #1) By Sean Coffey, Program Manager, Foreclosure Help The California Housing Consortium recently sponsored the 1st Annual  Homeownership Forum.  The theme for the day was “Stabilizing Homeownership and … Continue reading